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Content Plan, On-Page Targeting & Technical Analysis.

By conducting thorough content and search research, we successfully optimised numerous product pages, encompassing both existing and newly created ones.

Also meticulously crafted content maps for both personal and business banking.

What happened next was pretty cool. Given the company’s strong brand identity Our primary focus was on achieving ‘generic’ keyword-related results.

This strategic approach aimed to improve their visibility among people actively looking to convert to a product, commonly referred to as high-intent keywords/traffic.

These bottom-of-funnel keywords and traffic are very competitive

TikTok Takeover

We had a blast crafting this creative TikTok campaign!

Our journey began with in-depth research into the kind of native content that resonated with audiences and the preferred format. Armed with this knowledge, we set out to plan and script engaging videos, incorporating attention-grabbing hooks and a concise, user-centric style.

We executed the entire project by filming and editing the content right at the brand’s store location, using mobile devices and in-app editing tools. This approach resulted in a captivating TikTok series that tapped into the demand for skincare advice presented in a serialised storytelling format.

A viral sensation, with a combined total of 3+ million views for the short series!

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